Rhodiola Soft Fluffy Shampoo

Mild, moistened, relaxing and elegant

Selaginella Refreshing Fluffy Shampoo

Greasy dirt free making hair refreshed and puffy

Curcumin Dandruff Removing and Fluffy Shampoo

Mild dandruff removal and moistening care

Rhodiola Satin Silky Hair Conditioner

Dense nourishing and removal of dry hair

Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

Hair cleansing and care making hair flexible and dense

Camellia Essential Oil Shampoo (for hair cleansing and refreshing)

Mild oil removal making hair refreshing and light

Amino Acid Essential Oil Shampoo(making hair soft and smooth)

Moistened cleansing making hair smooth and elegant

Ginger Plant Extract Fluffy Purifying Shampoo(making hair fluffy and elegant)

Flexible hair fixing making hair light

Hydrogel Collagen Hair Smooth Lotion

Smoothing dry hair making hair moistened

Crithmum Maritimum Shampoo

For hair cleaning and oil removal making hair moistened and fluffy

Fucus Vesiculosus Shampoo

Further hair care making hair elegant and brightened

Sea Grape Shampoo

Cleansing scalp making hair moisturized and refreshed

Amino Acid Essential Oil Fragrance Shampoo

15 kinds of amino acids for hair refreshing and nourishing

Hydrogel Collagen Fragrance Hair Conditioner

Making hair healthy, flexible, soft and bright

Ceramide Essence Shampoo

Biomimetic ingredients for scientific hair care

Hyaluronic Acid Light Shampoo

For hair refreshing and cleansing making hair fluffy

Sea Cyanobacteria Scalp Light Shampoo

Adjusting grease and strengthening barriers

Salicylic Acid Anti Dandruff Shampoo

Refreshing, dandruff removal and cleansing scalp